• Bite

    chemical processing of the printing plate (matrix). In the intaglio engraving technique and lithography bite is the way of processing the metal plate and limestone to get the desired image in the print.

  • Burin or Line engraving

    (German Stich, French gravure au burin) the most ancient variety of the intaglio engraving on metal plate (zinc, copper), where the mechanical processing with different cutting tools is applied to create a printing plate. The incised elements are cut with the sharp burin basic instrument of engraving. Emerged in the end of the 15th century as a derivation of toreutics.

  • Burnisher

    steel tool, used in mezzotint to work the plate back  toward  halftones and lighter values.

  • Burr

    (in Russian from Latin barba beard) rough ridges of the furrow, produced on metal plate through scratching (in dry point technique). Burr makes the line fuzzy thus creating a special artistic effect. The number of prints in this technique does not exceed 20-25, since the furrows are not deep and burr gets squashed soon enough.