• Chiaroscuro (chiaroscuro woodblocks )

    woodblocks prints made in two or more colors, where  different blocks are used in succession for each color. First applied in Italy in the 16th century.

  • Chisel

    special engraving tools, metal blade with a sharpened edge; used in burin line engraving on metal and wood engraving.

  • Chromolithography or Color lithography

    printing technique of colored reproduction, requires several different runs with color inked plates (stone or zinc). Color lithography is almost entirely substituted by the photomechanical technique of creating an image in planographic printing.

  • Crayon manner

    variant of stipple engraving (intaglio engraving), imitation of pencil, charcoal,  sanguine (red chalk) or pastel drawing. The engraver makes small strokes and spots on the grounded plate, then bite it. The crayon manner was very popular in France in the 18th century as translation (facsimile, reproduction) technique.