• Endpiece

    a small illustration or ornamental adornment at the end of chapter, part, journal text or book.

  • Engraving(German Gravierung, French gravure) –  1) process of incising an image or design into a hard surface – metal, stone, wood, glass, linoleum with a burin and other instruments. Images on metal and glass plates can also be created by chemical action of an acid, i.e. etching. Engraved surface (plate or matrix) can be used to reproduce the incised design in a different material, f.e. print on paper.  2) image, transferred to  paper by way of printing from original matrix (plate) turned face down under pressure.
  • Etching

    (French eau-forte, Italian acquaforte -  strong water, i.e.  nitric acid) - engraving, where processing with different mechanical tools is substituted by chemical treatment with acid.