• Intaglio engraving

    engraving where the printing parts of the image on a matrix are lower than the blank parts, i.e. the image is mechanically (carved) or chemically (etched) incised  into the metal plate, then the incised parts are filled with ink, and turned face down, transferred to the paper or other similar media. Intaglio engraving includes line or burin engraving, dry point, etching and its derivatives.

  • Intaglio printing technique

    the lines to be printed are lower, i.e. incised into the surface of the plate. These incised lines retain the ink, which is then, under the pressure of the press, soaked up by the paper. The printing design is made either mechanically, i.e. by force of hand (dry point, line or burin engraving, mezzotint) or through the chemical action (etching and its derivatives). See also: intaglio engraving.