• Planographic printing

    printing technique where image and blank fields lay on the same surface level. It works on a chemical principle due to a special treatment. The ink is attracted by the greasy substance marking the image area and repelled by moisture holding  blank areas.

  • Print

    in Russian the French word estampe  is offen used – work of graphic  art  made in lithography or engraving technique. Estampe is usually original print, bearing the artist’s signature and made by him entirely (in some cases – by the engraver or lithograph craftsman).

  • Print making techniques

    operation to get the print using different printing plates.  Depending on relation of printing and blank fields of the image three methods are distinguished: relief, intaglio and planographic printing.

  • Punch, piercer

    (French poin?on, from Latin punctio – to pierce) – metal engraving tool, has a form of a nail, used to make dots and stipples on the plate surface. Applied mostly in stipple manner.